A new platform

where great surveys and great respondents meet each other!


What makes Survey Exchange right for you?

Q points

What does Q point mean? By answering questionnaires you will earn yourself points. Q points! Then, you will use Q points to get respondents you need for your survey

No limitations

Our counterparts limit you. If you don't purchase their premium version your are limited by amount of respondents functions etc. We don't do that! You can have unlimited number of respondents and all the types of questions we offer including skip logic!

Find or answer

If you don't want to answer other user's survey, you can simply share the questionnaire on social media as usual. If you do so and your friend answers the questionnaire, you don't lose any points. That's fair isn't it?


As far as we know there is no such a platform as Survey Exchange! The most comfortable way to get your respondents thanks to simple yet a sophisticated concept.


You can allocate just as many points as respondents you need. You can cancel the allocation anytime you get enough answers!

Absolutely free

Because we don't have any limitations and you can find all the respondents you need by answering questionnaires, there is no way we would charge you.

Your surveys deserve better!

Welcome to Survey Exchange, a unique online platform that allows you to easily gather all the answers you need for your survey. Our motto is #yoursurveysdeservebetter! Through our unique Q points system, we have created a student survey community in which reciprocity is key: The more surveys you fill out, the more answers you will get for your survey! Sign up now and start getting all the answers you need!

We are not only an online questionnaire platform.
We are a community!

We are here not only to provide you a tool to compile your questionnaire or the place to find your respondents. We are here to create a community of people who need respondents for their surveys and know that´s only fair to help with someone else´s research. This makes Survey Exchange a friendly and transparent place.